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  1. How do I add a blog category list on the sidebar of the blog page on my website? I want it to be only on that page, underneath my social media buttons. Appreciate your time Amy and trust your 2014 is rockin so far!

    • Thanks for the question, Scott. Once you’re in your Dashboard, click on Appearance > Widgets. Drag and drop the Categories widget from the left to the sidebar on the right and Save!

      Hope that helps!


      • Thanks for the reply Amy! I tried what you said and to be honest it didn’t work. I first added it under “Right Sidebar” and hit save. I then added it under “Right Sidebar Halfpage” and neither worked… Any ideas as to why? I appreciate your time!

    • Hi Scott, If you add another widget to the Right Sidebar – does it show up? I think you should first determine whether it’s your theme that doesn’t allow for a widget to go in that place holder. If you can get other widgets to work then I would suggest installing a different plugin that will display your categories. Similar to this:

      Let me know how it goes.


      • Hi Amy, I added the “Display Categories Widget”. Put it into the Right Sidebar and hit save. Nothing showed up. Did the same process with Right Sidebar Half Page and it didn’t appear. My website uses Responsive Child Theme. Appreciate your time Amy!

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