*PRESS RELEASE* – Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Gain Edge Through Nutrition


Local Paramedic and Competitive Physique Athlete Takes on MMA Fighters


August 27, 2013 - MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and, as a result, is highly competitive. While extensive training in each of the martial arts is necessary and important, fighters are quickly realizing that they need more – a winning edge.

Angela Robinson, a local paramedic based in Calgary, Alberta, has been a competitive physique athlete for ten years and is now transitioning to her first business venture. With an extensive background in health and wellness, Robinson has a strong passion for nutrition and is sharing her knowledge through Jagged Edge Lifestyle, a company focused on nutritional and lifestyle coaching.

Since opening for business this year, Jagged Edge is gaining ground and fast. The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Community has taken notice and an impressive roster of fighters are joining the Jagged Edge movement.

Edmonton’s Ryan Ford (21-4), AFC Welterweight Champion, is coming off a string of wins. His last fight was against The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Alumnus Michael Hill. Ford defeated Hill after an impressive 4 rounds with a broken arm. Ford has recently signed on with Jagged Edge Nutrition to help support his training with solid nutrition as he heals his injury and comes back stronger than ever to defend his title.

UFC Veteran Kalib Starnes (15-8) is also looking to take his performance to a new level and has hired Angela to help him tune in his nutrition. Kalib made his professional debut on June 24, 2006 at the Finale of TUF 3, winning via rear naked choke over Danny Abbadi. His last fight with the UFC was on April 19, 2008 in Montreal for UFC 83. Starnes is looking to make his comeback and has started to focus on his nutrition to gain that extra edge.

Also, joining Starnes and Ford, is up and coming Louis Fisette (6-1) who is preparing to compete on this season of TUF. Fisette says of his nutrition, “my diet just makes training easier to do. It’s not some specialty food or anything, just simply healthy full meals. The one-on-one attention is key in keeping me on track and keeping me motivated.” Angela Robinson adds, “MMA is still a brand new sport and many of the athletes don’t know how to properly diet to support their training. Everything I do is completely personalized to support the level of training the fighters are doing.”

Angela Robinson, Ryan Ford, Kalib Starnes, and Louis Fisette are available for interview by phone, in-person, or in writing.


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